For Authors

Do you publish full-length manuscripts?
No. We are interested in chapbook-length (approximately 14-24 pages) works only.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Yes, but do let us know as soon as possible if your manuscript has been accepted by another press. If you place your manuscript elsewhere before you hear from us, please withdraw it from our online submission system.

May I send multiple submissions?
Yes. If you have more than one translation project ready for publication, we'd be happy to take a look! But we ask that you submit no more than two manuscripts to us during each open reading period.
Should I submit only the translated work, or would you like to see the original as well?
In general, we ask that you submit only the English translation during our submission period--if we select your work for publication we may ask to see the original language work as well. Most of our titles contain poems or prose in English only. However, if you envision the end product as a side-by-side translation, your submission should reflect that desire (see Eduardo Milan: Poems and Martial Artist as examples of dual-language books we’ve published)--if that is the case, please be sure your dual-language submission falls within our length requirement of 14-24 pages.

Do you publish works in English by non-American authors?
At this time we’re interested in translated works only. However, if you are both the author and the translator of a work, that is acceptable--please make such an instance known in your submission. If you are a foreign author who writes in English, you might look at some of the links on our site to try to find a publisher more tailored to your work.

Do you publish fiction?
Sure! We're interested in both poetry and prose, and we'll be happy to take a look at just about any permutation of either--just be sure that your selection works for a chapbook-length publication.

Must I get permission from the author to translate his/her work into English?
Yes. Translators are responsible for obtaining permissions for publication. By submitting your work for publication, you indicate that you have permission from the author/foreign publisher to translate and publish the work. If Toad Press selects your work for publication, we'll ask you to provide proof of this permission. Helpful information about permissions can be found here and here.

For Reviewers and Readers

How can I obtain a copy for for review?
If you’re interested in reviewing one or more of our chapbooks, or using one of our titles in your classroom, please email us to request a review copy: toadpress (at) hotmail.com. You may also request a review copy via our submittable page.

Who would want to publish my review?
Many print and online journals are interested in publishing reviews--check the guidelines page or query your favorite journal to find out more. Some online venues that may be particularly interested in publishing reviews of chapbooks or of translated works are 91st Meridian, Exchanges, Molossus, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Jacket2, Tarpaulin Sky, ColdFront, The Bind, and Galatea Resurrects; visit these sites for guidelines about how to submit a review.