Tuesday, August 1

Woman Bathing Light to Dark

WOMAN BATHING LIGHT TO DARK prose poems by Paul Eluard translated from the French by Justin Vicari 21pp paper, staple-bound. Cover photo courtesy of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Toad Press 2006, $5.00
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About: Paul Éluard was born in France in 1895. In 1920 he met Andre Breton, the influential founder of the Surrealist movement. Éluard became an official member of this movement in 1924. Éluard’s many books include: Duty and Disturbance (1917), Animals and Their Men, Men and Their Animals (1920), Repetitions (1922), Dying of Not Dying (1924), Capital of Sadness (1926), Love, Poetry (1929), Immediate Life (1932), Public Rose (1934), Fertile Eyes (1938), Political Poems (1948), and The Phoenix (1951). He died in 1952. Excerpt: From Zero He places a bird on the table and closes the shades. He fixes his hair, his hair in his hands is softer than a bird. She tells the future. And I’m in charge of making it come true. The bruised heart, the aching soul, the broken hands, the white hair, the prisoners, the entire water covers me like a raw wound.