Wednesday, August 1

Fernando de Rojas Asleep on His Own Hand

FERNANDO DE ROJAS ASLEEP ON HIS OWN HAND A book of aphorisms by Rafael Ballesteros translated from the Spanish by Steven J. Stewart 20pp. paper. staple-bound. Cover photography by Sean Bernard Toad Press 2007, $5.00
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About: RAFAEL BALLESTEROS (1938-) lives in the Mediterranean city of Málaga. He was a member of Spain’s national legislature and helped draft its post-Franco constitution. Ballesteros is the author of numerous works of poetry and criticism, including the collection of poems Los dominios de la emoción which was released in 2003 by Pre-textos (Valencia, Spain). In 2010 he won the Premio Andalucía de la Críticia for his novel La Muerte Tiene la Cara Azul (Death Has a Blue Face). Ballesteros is also the founder of Editorial Veramar, a publisher of experimental literature from Spain. Excerpt: They asked me, In truth, who are the most harmful men in these realms? I answered immediately, Those who speak to us of eternity.