Friday, July 1

Martial Artist

MARTIAL ARTIST, Martial's epigrams translated from the Latin by George Held 

31pp. paper. staple-bound Toad Press 2005, $5.00. In English and Latin.

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MARCUS VALERIUS MARTIALIS (A.D. 40-104), or Martial, was born in Spain and flourished in Rome. His greatest achievement remains his 1500 epigrams, in which he depicts, often satirically, the behavior of his fellow Romans and perfects the form in Latin. His influence appears in the work of virtually every epigrammatist since. The poems in Martial Artist collect some of his many epigrams about his own work and his life as a poet. This book includes both the English and the Latin. Excerpt: VII.90 Mathew says my book is unbalanced. If it’s true, Mathew praises my poems. Calvin and Shade write balanced books. A balanced book, Curtis, is a bad book. Iactat inaequalem Matho me fecisse libellum: si verum est, laudat carmina nostra Matho. aequales scribit libros Calvinus et Umber: aequales liber est, Cretice, qui malus est.