Monday, September 24


Two-Step – a Boolean Comedrama

by Jacques Jouet & Olivier Salon
translated by Emma Ramadan & Chris Clarke

33 pages, paper

cover image is from "Thread," a Coptic textile in the public domain

Toad Press, 2018. $5.00

You can purchase a copy of Two-Step here.

Two-Step is a "simultaneous play" written in 2003 as a collaboration between Oulipo members Jacques Jouet and Olivier Salon. It takes the form of two different plays set in two different eras, both of which share a character during several acts. This character's replies use homographic "hinge" words, allowing his responses to signify something different to either storyline.

We translated Two-Step in communication with Messrs. Jouet and Salon, doing our best to replicate their writing process in our translation process. This had us working across the table from each other for certain sections, apart for others, and exchanging one reply at a time by email for another, all between spring 2016 and summer 2017.

& Chris Clarke 

"It's clever dramatic fun", writes Michael Orthofer, over at The Complete Review